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【Hsiao Liouciou Pingtung】Round-trip Ticket from TF Express -- Dong’gang--Hsiao Liouciou

The most secure choice of Hsiao Liouciou sea express

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  • Package Ticket Number:ST9607678662
  • Location information: Pingtung County
  • Sale Period:2019-05-17 15:10 ~ 2019-12-31 23:59
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New high-speed passenger ship, comfortable and bright cabin, safe and fast speed

Content to package ticket

★ Round-trip ticket from Donggang to Hsiao Liouciou
★  E-tickets | convenient and fast | ready to use
★ Take you to see the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan along the way

Round-trip ticket concessions

Product Contents

《Donggang-Hsiao Liouciou Round-trip Ticket for One Person》

Passengers traveling by TF Express, please remember to bring your passport, health insurance card to the ticket gate to exchange tickets. Thank you for your cooperation


On weekdays, please refer to the following information of the ship class, and on holidays, there are many overtime ships, one shift about every half an hour, depending on the crowds.

Use instruction


  • Make a reservation by phone one day before, confirm the flight status → complete the purchase → confirm the product usage instructions → go to the store → open the electronic voucher → store scan completed → redeem the physical ticket

Store Information

  • Donggang Wharf
    • Tel:+886-8-8339659
    • Address: Chaolong Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung
  • Baisha Port Pier
    • Tel:+886-8-8613995
    • Address:  Zhongshan Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung

Preferential Period

  • From now on to December 31, 2019, please exchange it within the store's business hours. Full exchange is completed within the same day (a group of round-trip tickets can be exchanged). No cross-day or sub-exchange is allowed. Please cooperate.
  • Special holidays and business hours depend mainly on the announcement on the store’s official website.
  • Applicable time:  07:30-17:30, Monday to Sunday

Exchange Frequency

  • Each group of electronic vouchers can be exchanged once (a group of round-trip tickets, each within seven days). They are not allowed to be used in conjunction with other promotional activities, and cannot be exchanged for cash or change. This voucher shall not be used for goods designated on non-electronic vouchers or beyond the period of exchange.

Reminder for showing your QR code or pin code

  • When using the electronic voucher, please inform the staff before the checkout and show the QR code or PIN code on the mobile phone

Reminder for exchanging the products

  • When using the electronic voucher, it must match the contents and specifications of the exchange, and the products are mainly sold by the merchant. If the specifications do not match, the store reserves the right to add the necessary fees on site or reject the exchange.



  • For details on “how to use e-vouchers” and “refunds”, please refer to the "Terms of Service" and "Refund method"
  • If you have any question about the electronic voucher product, please contact the customer service.
  • The voucher can be used more than one person during the trip. When using, the store will check the voucher number. One set number can be used for one time only. Please keep it properly

Trust period

  • The amount received by this commodity (service) gift ticket has been deposited in the trust account opened by the issuer of E.SUN Bank for specific purposes. The term "specific" refers to the use of the issuer to fulfill the obligation to deliver products or provide services.
  • The preferential period is equivalent to the trust period. If it is overdue and unused, You can apply for a refund.
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