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【AVIS Car Rental】 Multi-site Pick-up and Return of Vehicles throughout Taiwan

First choice when renting cars in Taiwan

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●Multi-site pick-up and return of vehicles

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《AVIS Car Rental|Multi-site Pick-up and Return of Vehicles throughout Taiwan》

  • Spacious and comfortable space for 5/7 seats depending on the type of car
  • Very convenient to choose the order plan depending on the actual use time
  • Alternatives: 24hr for weekdays/36hr for weekdays/24hr for holidays/36hr for holidays


Car Type Information

-Ford Fiesta five-seat economical car (Group C)-

-Ford Focus five-seat comfortable car (Group D)-


-Ford Mondeo five-seat standard car (Group H)-

-Ford Kuga five-seat high-class SUV (Group G)-


-VW Sharan seven-seat high-class business purpose vehicle (Group S)-


Additional Equipment

  • The equipment is not included in the ticket price and will be purchased at a premium
  • Please inform the service staff when making an reservation by phone in order to avoid no stock on site
  • Additional accessories purchased on site: navigation/child seat/booster pad is NT$120/day, and additional set costs for a 36-hour package will be calculated as 2 days


Introductions to the Service

  • Car pickup point: please refer to Business Information below
  • Pick-up time: depending on the business hours of each point
  • Certificates required:
  • Additional insurance: compulsory automobile liability insurance, third party liability insurance, driver's injury insurance, passenger liability insurance (except for the overload), loss insurance for automobile theft, car body loss insurance (with self-insurance amount)
  • Rental restrictions: must be over 20 years old, the date of issuance of driver's license must be more than one year, AVIS has the right to refuse to rent a car without refund

 *Refer to the official website:https://www.avis-taiwan.com/tw/rental-office.html 

Use instruction

Reservation Requirements

  • Reservation Line : 0800-600-601、booking@avis-taiwan.com
  • Business Hours : 08:30~20:30
  • If you want to change the date of use after reservation, you can change it at most once, and it should be used up within the validity period of the electronic ticket
  • You should make reservation by phone or email to AVIS customer service center at least 48 hours prior to the date of pickup and provide the serial number of the electronic voucher (to be cancelled at the time of reservation)

Additional Fee Rules

  • If you need to arrange to pick up the car outside the same county or city's non-business location, you need to charge an extra NT$500 (depending on the situation of manpower scheduling), and pay NT$ 1,000 across county or city
  • The daily mileage limit is 400 kilometres. For those who exceed 400 kilometres, an additional NT$2 is charged per kilometre
  • For a period of more than one hour, tenths of the daily rate (original rate) will be charged for each hour, and more than six hours (inclusive) will be charged for each day’s rate (original rate). Payment will be made by credit card upon return
  • The service is not available during New Years. Holiday e-tickets are required for the following consecutive holidays and NT$ 250 per day is paid on site. (New Year’s holiday, 228 holiday, Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day, Labour Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and ROC National Day)
  • Please refer to AVIS Taiwan website for relevant rules-- precautions for short-term car rental .When your payment is completed, it shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to the terms of service and the disclaimer
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