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Yehliu Geopark is a masterpiece of nature famed for its sea-eroded landscape. Top on the list of geological attractions are the Queen’s Head, Cute Princess, Tofu Rock, Elephant Rock, Fairy’s Shoe etc.

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American cable news network CNN once reported on the unique landscape of “Yehliu Geopark”, likening it to outer-space geology, dubbing it the most Mars-like rock environment on Earth.

A visit offers views of many strange and spectacular rocks, including the world-famous “Queen’s Head” and wonders of marine erosion such as the “Ice Cream Rock”, ”Bee Hive Rock”,” Ginger Rock” and “Candle Stick Rock”. The abundant and diverse geological landscape is enough to take one’s breath away and marvel at the uncanny work of nature!

The rich ocean ecology and fishing village charm around Yehliu make this place become a popular educational and recreational travel destination. Every May, when Jinshan Cihugong temple believers escorts Mazu’s return from the “inspection tour”, they always visit the sea cave in Yehliu, where Mazu was found by fisherman. It is truly a unique experience to watch the vast and mighty escorting team walk through the Geopark!                              

It’s easy to get to the museum, take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Crown North Coast Shuttle bus at the front of Tamsui MRT station to Juming Museum stop. 

(Source: Partially from NTPC Travel Website)

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