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【Rotarians Exclusive】Ceramic Art Nostalgia 1 Day

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2 Pax to go; Tour departure date: June 12, 13, 15, 16, 17

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Yingge and Sanxia are in Southwestern Taipei metropolitan area. Yingge is famous for the production of porcelain and its abundance of art studios and shops. You will also visit Sanxia old street where 1900s red brick buildings still exist.


Taipei Main Station East Gate 3 (Depart at 9AM) - Yingge Ceramics Museum - Yingge Ceramics Street - Sanxia Old Street - Shushinbo Wagashi Museum - Return to Hotel


【Yingge Ceramics Museum】

The Yingge Ceramics Museum is the first professional pottery museum in Taiwan. First planned by Magistrate Yu Ching, The museum is made up with modern constructing materials and transparent glass, presenting a limitless sense of space and the beauty of simplicity. The special structure also enhances the exhibition. The Yingge Ceramics Museum presents 200 years of ceramic techniques and folk culture in Taiwan. At the same time, the museum also has educational function with its modern technology, making it an ideal place for families to visit at leisure.

【Yingge Ceramics Street】

Yingge is a pottery town, known as the "Jingde Township of Taiwan." The town has several hundred pottery plants, and equal numbers of pottery shops that sell their products. Jianshanpu Road is the origin of the local ceramics industry, and even today it has an old square coal-fired kiln chimney that serves as its landmark.

【Sanxia Old Street】

Sanxia is a traditional district located in northern Taiwan, easily accessible from Taipei. It has become known in recent years mainly because of its Qingshui Zushi (Qingshui Master) Temple, which is unique among all the Chinese temples of the world for the painstaking and time-consuming dedication to classical temple arts that is manifested in its modern reconstruction work.


【Shushinbo Wagashi Museum】

Mr. Chen Shiyang, the founder of Shushinbo Wagashi Museum, inherited the tradition and created the future, and continuously transported Japanese masters to the Japanese fruit master Katsuta Kana to learn from the arts, develop and produce with continuous creativity and beauty, and enrich the fruit taste and taste , Handinfang continuously grows and transforms between inheritance and innovation. In 2009, it attracted the transformation of tourist factories. It opened mochi and pastry processes for tourists to visit, allowing consumers to get close to the production process.


Use instruction


✔ NTD2M Travel reliable and NTD30,000 accident medical insurance

✔ Tickets, and vehicle service.

✔ Average price of each meal NTD 300


✕ Consumption due to personal factors, such as drinks, alcohol, personal shopping fees, laundry fees, telephone charges, etc.



  • This tour is operated by richmond tours.
  • The guide will provide on-board service and fixed-point guided tours. After arriving at various attractions, you can visit freely
  • Due to vehicle scheduling issues, assembly time and place will be provided 1 to 2 days before departure.
  • Taking this sightseeing bus, if you fail to get on the bus or get off the bus due to personal reasons, it will be deemed as abandonment automatically, no refund or partial re-ride is allowed.
  • This itinerary can be based on the number of people on the day, festivals or weather, etc., the tour leader will adjust the order of the itinerary, and the company does not make another announcement.
  • The passenger agrees that after the order is paid for, the costs incurred in the event of cancellation or extension shall be borne by the customer.
  • In case of bad weather or irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.

Use restriction

Cancellation Policy:

  • Over 07 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Full refund of deposit minus incurred costs previously authorized by payee.
  • 04-06 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Forfeit 70% of Total Fare.
  • 00-03 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Forfeit 100% of Total Fare.
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