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5 Days Round Taiwan Tour (Classical)

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  • Location information: Taipei City
  • Sale Period: 即日起 ~ 2021-12-31 23:59
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4-Star hotel with breakfast Professional English speaking guide service. Visit Taroko National Park. The most beautiful east coast at Duoliang station. Biking on Brown Boulevard. Sun Moon Lake cruise. Suncake DIY experience.

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Day 1 (Mon)

Taipei – Hualien

Pick up from hotel in Taipei City – Taroko National Park – Qixingtan Beach – Tungdamen Night Market – Hotel

Hotel: 4 stars Fullon Hotel, Hualien

Day 2 (Tue)

Hualien – Taitung

Hotel – Guangfu Sugar Factory – Tropic of Cancer – Chishang Bento Museum – Mr. Brown Avenue (cycling) – Hotel

Hotel: 4 stars Century Hotel, Taitung

Day 3 (Wed)

Taitung – Kaohsiung

Hotel – Duoliang Station – Foguangshan Buddha Museum – Dragon and Tiger Pagoda – Pier 2 Art Center – Hotel

Hotel: 4 stars Fullon Hotel, Kaohsiung

Day 4 (Thu)

Changhua – Nantou

Hotel – Lukang Old Street – Sun Moon Lake (Boat Cruise) – Xiang-shan Tourist Center – Hotel

Hotel: Hotel Del Lago, Nantou

Day 5 (Fri)

Taichung – Taipei

Hotel – Rainbow Village – Taichung YIzhong Street – Nine Sun suncake DIY – Taipei City hotel drop off



Hualien Taroko

Taroko National Park is one of eight national parks in Taiwan and was named after the Taroko Gorge, the landmark gorge of the park. Taroko, means "magnificent and beautiful" in the Truku language of the Truku indigenous tribe. This is one of the largest naturally enclosed spaces in the world, spanning 2,300 feet long, 1,300 feet wide, and at least 230 feet high. Taroko Gorge and its surrounding area are well known for their abundant supply of marble.

Qixingtan Beach

The Qixingtan Beach is a famous beach in Hualien County facing the Pacific Ocean. Located in a half moon-like shape gulf, this beach is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year.

Tungdamen Night Market

The largest night market in Hualien, Tungtamen Night Market is located nearby the downtown area and next to the Pacific Park.

Guangfu Sugar Factory

It was set up in 1913 when Guangfu Township was called Mataian. In 1921, the Yamato Factory was also set up a large scale sugar factory at the same township. During the Second World War, these two factories were damaged by bombing. After Taiwan Retrocession, Taiwan Sugar Corporation took over and renamed it as Hualien Sugar Factory, and this became the major sugar manufacture for east Taiwan. Due to the sugar factory is located in Guangfu Township, it is also called “Guangfu Sugar Mill.”

Chihshang's Lunchbox Museum

It displays evolvement and history of lunchboxes, the side dishes, traditional kitchen stoves, farming tools, and utensils. Here visitors are taken back in the time of Japanese ruling when the first Chihshang lunchbox was made.

Mr. Brown Avenue

A small country avenue in Chihshang Township of Taitung County becomes widely popular due to a commercial of Mr. Brown Coffee. It is called a “green road of paradise.” It has vast green rice fields without a wire pole along the roadside. You can truly feel how borderless it is. The avenue has good views for photograph and can bring your mind away from the hustle. Come to experience such pure relief in person.

Duoliang station

After called the most beautiful station, Duoliang Station has attracted more and more tourists, due to the juxtaposition of railway, mountain and ocean. It is actually not difficult to find this station. There is an obvious indicator at 417.5km on No.9 Provincial Highway. Then turn right and go upward.

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda

About 700 meters to the south of the Spring and Autumn Pavilions are the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. The dragon's throat is the entrance and the tiger's mouth is the exit. Entering a dragon's throat and coming out a tiger's mouth symbolizes turning bad luck to good fortune. Inside, paintings depict China's 24 most obedient sons as well as scenes of heaven and hell to inspire people to do good deeds during their lifetime, and to provide threatening examples of retribution for wrongdoing.

Pier 2 Art Center

Located at the sides of the pier are the artistic warehouse clusters, it was once an abandoned and forgotten warehouse buried in history due to the move from an industrial based segment to the service sector. However, Pier-2 area was released and re-born making the region a place where tourist and locals can come together to enjoy fine art. With the collision of an old area and new fine art, Pier-2 becomes an area of new vitality and liveliness.

Foguangshan Buddha Memorial Hall

It is an international Chinese Mahayana Buddhist monastic order based in Taiwan and one of the largest Buddhist organizations in the world. Founded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1967, the order promotes Humanistic Buddhism with aims to propagate Buddhist teachings through cultural activities, foster talent through education, benefit society through charitable programs, and to purify human hearts and minds through Buddhist practice.

Lukang Old Street

It is famed for its well-preserved cultural and historical heritages, as well as old-time flavors that attract large number of both local and international visitors each day. Lukang Town is one of Taiwan’s oldest towns and Lukang Old Street was the main business district of Lukang Town back in the early days. Lukang old town was once a bustling port during the Qing Dynasty in the 1600s and continued to be a thriving business center until 1895 when the Japanese came. The name Lukang, literally means “Deer Harbor”, was given as it was the main harbor for exporting deerskin during the Dutch Colonial Period. 

Sun Moon Lake

Situated in Nantou County, is the largest body of water in Taiwan. Surrounding a tiny island called Lalu, the east side of the lake bears a resemblance to the sun and the west side a moon. This area is home to the Thao aboriginal tribe, and its natural beauty and breathtaking views are what makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Taiwan.

Rainbow Village

It was a small and eroding military dependents’ village inhabited by an old military veteran known as “Grandpa Rainbow”. To save his village from the threat of demolition, he began painting the walls, doors, and grounds of the village with vibrant colors and characters, bringing life back to the drab and rundown exteriors. Today, the village has become a major tourist destination and a great place for photography enthusiasts to test their skills.

Taichung Yizhong Street

Yizhong Shopping District is regarded as the most popular shopping area in Taichung. Located next to Chungyo Department Store and National Taichung University of Science and Technology, the entire shopping area has become one of the most popular locations for locals to shop and eat. At night many food and merchandise stalls open up and it becomes a de facto night market. Many of the stores sell similar merchandise, so prices here are much cheaper in comparison with other areas.

Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake DIY

You can have a Factory tour at Vigor Kobo Pineapple Cake Factory and try your hand on pineapple cake DIY. The instructor set up the pineapple cake paste and equipment for making pineapple cake. After finish baking, you can bring your own pineapple cake home.

Use instruction

Inclusion & Exclusion


  • All transport costs listed on the itinerary
  • All the entrance tickets on the itinerary (Biking & Boat Cruise fees included)
  • 4 Nights accommodation with breakfast
  • Professional English speaking guide service
  • Insurance: NT$5,000,000 travel agency liability insurance, NT$200,000 accident and medical insurance


  • Other activities that are not listed on the itinerary
  • Personal expense including shopping, snacks etc.
  • Lunch and Dinner

Departure & Return

  • Departure Point: Your hotel in Taipei City (not including Hotels in Nangang, Neihu, Wenshan, Beitou, Yangmingshan area)
  • Pick-up Time: 7:30am – 8:30am
  • Return Point: Your hotel in Taipei City (not including Hotels in Nangang, Neihu, Wenshan, Beitou, Yangmingshan area)


Additional Info

  • 2 Pax to go.
  • Please contact us via email or phone call if you make an application with an odd number, you need to pay an extra charge of the single room.
    The additional cost is  NTD 6000
  • Please prepare your "PASSPORT".
  • Online registration does not guarantee that the tour will run for sure. Your agent will contact you via email with a final confirmation.
  • Tour information would be given two days before departure via email, please give us your correct e-mail address while booking.
  • Contact email: miinxueyeow@liontravel.com
  • Do not bring any pets or any hazardous items. In case of the safety for visitors.
  • Please be on time for every scheduled itinerary.
  • It will not be refunded if you off the tour at will or miss the scheduled time.
  • We reserve the right to order the itinerary according to the traffic condition, massive visitors and other circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to change the itinerary or cancel the tour due to weather and unpredictable reasons.
  • With the agreement from visitors, visitors should afford the extra expense (ex. cancellation fee) from cancelling or putting off the tour.
  • Registration confirm: The order will be activated after the travel agency replied.
  • Please read the cancellation policy in detail before executing.

Use restriction

Cancellation Policy:

  • Please read the cancellation policy which establishes between Lion Travel and visitors. 
  • The date of informed should be in work time on weekdays.
  • Over 07 Working days prior to the start of the scheduled tour, full refund minus incurred costs.
  • 04-06 Working days prior to the start of the scheduled tour, forfeit 70% of the total fare.
  • 00-03 Working days prior to the start of the scheduled tour, forfeit 100% of the total Fare
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