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【Five-seat SUV/Nine-seat Van】Commuting between Taoyuan Airport and Keelung Door-to-door Pick-up

  • Package Ticket Number:ST5920211856
  • Location information: Keelung City
  • Sale Period:2019-08-29 17:10 ~ 2019-12-31 23:59
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Qualified driving license, criminal record certificate; no accident record; insured passenger insurance (NT$5 million per person); total smoking ban in the vehicles

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【Five-seat SUV/Nine-seat Van】Commuting between Taoyuan Airport and Keelung Door-to-door Pick-up

[Expenses Statement]

  • Pick-up and drop-off service is provided on a per-vehicle basis by five-seat SUV (for 4 passengers)/nine-seat business purpose vehicle (for 7 passengers). Passengers are not allowed to specify vehicle brands and models.
  • One way, you can choose “Drop-off : Keelung to Taoyuan Airport (Terminal 1/2)” or “Pick-up: Taoyuan Airport (Terminal 1/2) to Keelung”.
  • The fees include fuel fess, toll fees, parking fee, insurance (passenger insurance) and driver’s service fee.

Five-seat SUV (4 passengers)/4 pieces of luggage ☞


Nine-seat Van (7 passengers/8 pieces of luggage)☞



[Description of the IM software and Luggage]

  • Please fill in the “IM software” and ”ID” in the Remark column. (E.g. WhatsApp/ID: coolguy101)

  • Available IM software: WhatsApp / KakaoTalk / Line / WeChat

  • Please consider the number of travelers and luggage before making a reservation, but the final carrying capacity should be based on the premise that it does not hinder the safety of driving (see Table 2). The car rental agency has the final say on the dispatch of car.
  • If the number of people/luggage on the service site exceeds the maximum capacity, which will affect the safe transport or cannot be carried, the customer shall take care of it by himself/herself. The car rental agency will no longer send another car. Please consider the number of passengers and baggage before the trip so as not to be able to carry them. Please cooperate.

(Table 2) Standard Control Table of Passenger Number (Including Infants)

  • The above table is for reservation only. If you have special luggage (such as stroller/wheelchairs/golf clubs/prams/skis/surfboards/model airplanes/non-suitcase luggage, etc.), please pay attention to the inches and note in the Remark column, or inform the customer service staff at the time of reservation, the car rental agency reserves the right of whether to load.


[Exclusive Add-on Item]

  • Safety seats: In order to comply with the domestic traffic law, children must take safety seats, and each seat must be charged an additional NT$100.
    ※Due to vehicle type restrictions, a maximum of one safety seat can be reserved for five-seat SUVs and two safety seats can be reserved for nine-seat business purpose vehicles.
  • Banner service: additional charges of NT$100 shall be paid.
    ※Please fill the “Banner Words” in the Remark Column.
  • Additional stopping point fee: One additional stopping point per car is allowed. Please refer to Table 3 for the calculation of the additional price.
    ※Please fill the “additional stopping point” in the Remark column.

(Table 3) Price Increase for Additional Stopping Point (limited to one more)

  • Please reserve in advance for the above service. We do not accept the request for provisional application after the event.
  • The company reserves the right to interpret and change the foresaid services.


If you have any questions, please contact the Journey On service: +886-2-8793-9611 (service time: 09:00-18:00 from Monday to Sunday).
Emergency Customer Service Line:
+886-973-077-776(service hours:22:00~06:00)
+886-932-269-551(service hours: 24 hours)

LINE ID:@uod9193p

Use instruction

[Reservation Requirements]

  • Reservations must be made online before 12:00 one day before.
  • If the designated place for taking is narrow or difficult to park, the actual place for taking will be designated as the new one at the nearest entrance or other parking convenience when subsequent notification is given.
  • Drop-off: On the day before drop-off, the driver will call the passengers to confirm their arrival. On the day of drop-off, the driver will notify the passengers that they have arrived.
  • Pick-up: On the day of pick-up, the driver arrives at the airport and confirms that the passenger has landed. He will call the passenger to inform the waiting place.
  • If no advance reservation or exchange is made according to the regulations, the shopkeeper reserves the right not to accept the exchange.

[IM Message Delivery Time] via WhatsApp / KakaoTalk / Line / WeChat, or mail

1.Reservation confirmation IM message/mail: Info will be sent within 12 hours after receiving the order.
2.Driver information message: IM message /mail will be sent within 24 hours after receiving an order.

  • If you do not receive the relevant IM message or mail within the time limit due to telecommunication reception problems or overseas roaming message missing, please turn on the mobile phone at the time of landing to check the IM message and mail, or call the emergency customer service of the car rental agency to confirm:
  • +886-973-077-776(service hours:22:00~06:00)
  • +886-932-269-551(service hours: 24 hours)
  • LINE ID:@uod9193p

[Provisions for Standby]

  • Drop-off standby: wait for 30 minutes, every 30 minutes will be charged NT$100.
  • Pick-up standby: confirm that the flight and the driver will be waiting at the airport for 90 minutes. The passenger will be charged NT$100 for every 30 minutes.
  • Standby shall be subject to the driver’s subsequent route. The waiting can be arranged only if the driver has successfully contacted the passengers!

[Regulations on Change/Cancellation]

Emergency Customer Service Line of the car rental agency:
+886-973-077-776(service hours : 22:00~06:00)
+886-932-269-551(service hours : 24 hours)

LINE ID:@uod9193p


  • Vehicle pictures are for reference only. The car rental agency reserves the right to replace vehicles of the same grade.
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