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【Taichung Houli / Shigang】Duhuey Renting- Bike Voucher

  • Package Ticket Number:ST6794854208
  • Location information: Taichung City
  • Sale Period: 即日起 ~ 2020-12-31 23:59
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Duhuey Renting continues to develop a variety of different models types of the bike, so that visitors of all ages, families or groups have more choices., The tandem bicycle for two people, allows you easily embrace the nature.

Content of Product

《Taichung Houli / Shigang: Duhuey Renting-Bike Voucher》

☞We provide all types of bike and the quantity is not the problem
☞We provide parking lot for you to park your cars
☞We also provide the professional roadside assistance

Basic bicycle

  • Tire: Zhengxin 26×1.75
  • Double aluminum ring / KMC chain
  • Japan SHIMANO 21-segment positioning shifting system
  • Aluminum alloy V-type brake / aluminum alloy frame / aluminum alloy seat tube and quick release

Electric bicycle

  • Electric bicycles must be 18 years old to be rented separately.
  • The electric bicycle can be used for 3 hours with the voucher.

Electric tandem bicycle

  • Electric bicycles must be 18 years old to be rented separately.
  • The voucher can be used for 3 hours with an electric tandem bicycle.

★Ride a car rental bicycle, you can visit Bailing Ranch for free (open all year round)! Free pastures are available on holidays!

Use instruction

Special reminder

  • Do not ride stunts, release both hands or weave in and out on the bike. Do not overtake or suddenly brake, otherwise accidents may occur.
  • Do not open umbrellas, talk on mobile phones, or eating while riding. One-handed riding is often the cause of many accidents.
  • Although the Dongfeng Green Corridor is a bicycle lane, the traffic rules are still the same as those of the general roads. Please follow the signs, lights and markings. Do not ride bicycles side by side or rampage.

Preferential period

  • From now until December 31, 2020, please exchange it within the store's business hours, and use it on the same day. Not allowed to use the ticket on different dates. Please cooperate.
  • Bike vouchers are allowed use on weekdays or weekend, and no reservation is required before use.
  • If it rains on weekdays, please call the store to confirm hours of operation.
  • Rent basic bicycles on weekday can be upgraded to LINK brand 18-speed aluminum alloy bicycles; the number of bicycles is limited on holiday.
  • Duhuey Renting service line: 04-25820707, 0919-023334

Available exchange times

  • Each group of electronic voucher can be exchanged once only, and cannot be used together with other promotional activities. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and change. This electronic voucher cannot be used when the products aren’t specified on the electronic voucher or are overdue.

Reminder for showing your QR code or pin code

  • When using the electronic voucher, please inform the staff before the checkout and show the QR code or PIN code on the mobile phone

Reminder for exchanging the products

  • When using the electronic voucher, it must match the contents and specifications of the exchange, and the products are mainly sold by the merchant. If the specifications do not match, the store reserves the right to add the necessary fees on site or reject the exchange.


  • Bicycle rental service is only provided within the business hours of the store. It will not be available if overtime.
  • Before renting bicycle, you need to present the voucher for verification. You need to mortgage the original copy with your photo (such as ID card, driver's license, IC card or student ID card)
  • The product rental service is for one person with one bicycle. The group reservation is exception.
  • Please check the condition of the bicycle before departure. If there is any problem, please ask the service personnel at the time of rental.
  • Each voucher can only be used by 1 person. One person must be admitted at the same time and exchange the voucher on the same day.
  • For details on “how to use e-vouchers” and “refunds”, please refer to the "Terms of Service" and "Refund method".
  • If you have any question about the electronic voucher product, please contact the customer service.
  • Within 365 days from the date of sale.
  • The amount received by this commodity (service) gift ticket has been deposited in the trust account opened by the issuer of E.SUN Bank for specific purposes. The term "specific" refers to the use of the issuer to fulfill the obligation to deliver products or provide services.
  • The preferential period is equivalent to the trust period. If it is overdue and unused, You can apply for a refund.
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