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【Taipei】Taipei 101 Observatory Full-Price Ticket

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The observatory is on Taipei 101’s 89th floor. After taking the super-fast elevator, one of the 12 most stunning elevators in the world, take in the 360-degree view of Taipei, from the numerous tall buildings to the mountains that surround the city.

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《Taipei 101 Observatory Full-Price Ticket》

Located in the bustling Xinyi District, Taipei 101 is a must-see for tourists. Overlooking Taipei City from the Observatory on the 89th floor has become an exciting experience not to be missed when visiting the city.

Entrance: After buying tickets, visitors may watch the multimedia show or visit the souvenir shop before riding the super-fast elevators upward. The Observatory’s elevators are Guinness Record-breaking high-speed pressurized elevators, with a speed of 1,010 meters per minute. Each of the two elevators takes only 37 seconds to reach the 89th floor from the 5th floor entrance.

After arriving at the Observatory on the 89th floor, you will enjoy the best view in the city. On sunny days, you will be able to see the buildings in the city become cute little blocks surrounded by green hills and gasp in amazement at this beautiful and charming city.

In addition to the high-speed pressurized elevators, the building also features a 5.5m-diameter damper weighing 660 metric tons, the world’s largest wind damper. It is also the only wind damper open to the public. It consists of 41 layers of 12.5cm-thick large steel panels welded together. The damper is hung from the 92nd floor to 87th floor, and it is an important piece of Taipei 101’s disaster and wind damage prevention structure. Tourists are actually able to see this spectacular damper when visiting Taipei 101.

The Observatory is also equipped with facilities including high-power binoculars, a beverage bar, photography services & souvenir shops and the world’s highest mailbox. Taipei 101 hopes these thoughtful designs will bring an unforgettable experience to all visitors.


(Source: Partially from Taipei 101 Official Website)

Use instruction

☞ Please check the “Redeem” section in the website/APP membership center and click the “Redeem”button, then you can find the redeem code beginning with “APP-RSV-.“(the redeem code also can be found in E-mail naming“order payment successful notification”).  Enter the redeem code or scan QR Code at the ticket vending machine in the 5th floor, then you can collect your ticket.

① Membership center 

② “Order payment successful notification” E-mail

③ the ticket vending machine in the 5th floor

④ Choose “Ticket Collection”


⑤ Enter redeem code (or scan QR Code)


⑥ Enter the last 4-digit numbers of your passport or ID to collect your ticket


  • Open Hours: 9:00-22:00 Daily (Last entrance at 21:15)
  • Adjustments to opening hours may be provided for extended holidays. Please refer to public announcements and notices for details.
  • Smoking, chewing gum and betel nuts are not allowed on the premises
  • We reserve the right to deny admission to those who are inappropriately attired. No slippers are allowed.
  • When crowded, please proceed in an orderly manner as directed, and pay attention to your personal safety and belongings.
  • Please do not bring outside food, pets, restricted substances, illegal items, or hazardous items into the venue.
  • Fines will be imposed for any damage to equipment and facilities.
  • Please cooperate with the safety inspections of personal belongings.
  • Please follow regulations and the guidance of our service personnel.
  • Please do not bring large video-recording equipment into the venue without a permit issued by the venue.
  • No admission ticket is required for children below 115cm. 4thGrade students and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Use restriction

  • If you didn’t redeem at the ordered time, please ask for help at the ticket counter. The stuff will decide if you can redeem according to the reservation circumstances.
  • Must enter within 30 minutes of your ordered time. If you miss the time, please ask for help at the ticket counter and the stuffs will re-arrange the tickets manually.
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