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Chimei Museum Permanent Exhibition Ticket in Tainan

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  • Location information: Tainan City
  • Sale Period:2019-12-04 14:14 ~ 2020-12-31 23:59
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Visit a comprehensive collection of Western artistry in many forms in the Chimei Museum. The museum is known for its ancient Greek style architecture and beautiful exteriors.

Content of Product

《Chimei Museum Permanent Exhibition Ticket in Tainan》
Art lovers in Tainan shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the Chimei Museum, particularly if they're aficionados of Western Art. Recently reopened in 2015, this museum houses an incredible 4,000 items of Western art. These include paintings, musical instruments, armor, animal taxidermy and more! The ticket to the permanent exhibition gives you access to the areas of the museum that holds its carefully curated selection of items that will reside in its halls indefinitely. You can rent reference materials to get background information about each piece within the collection, learn more about the artist who created it, and how it found its way into the museum. This is the perfect place to visit with the whole family to spend the day being immersed in learning and beautiful art!


▲ Visit the extensive collection of the Chimei Museum's permanent exhibition


▲ Take a stroll through its gorgeous exteriors and gardens


▲ It's a great place for everyone of all ages and walks of life to learn about Western Art


Use instruction


  • Complete the order→read the instruction→confirm Pin code→head to the shop→show E-ticket→scan to complete
  • Discount tickets are available for students from age 7-22, and senior citizens aged 65+
  • Passports are required upon check-in

Shop of Information:

  • Phone: 886-6-2660808
  • Address: Chimei Museum, No.66, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City

Promotional period:

  • Until Dec. 31th 2019 from now on. please exchange within business hour. Once allowed on that day. Thank for your consideration.

Opening Hours:

  • 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Last booking time: 4:30 pm
  • Closed on Wednesdays, Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, Chinese Lunar New Year's Day, and other days announced by the Museum
  • The Museum is open daily during July and August
  • This voucher is not applicable during special events at the museum (see the official website for details)

Exchange Times:

  • Limit to exchange once. The voucher is unable to exchange to cash or changes or use with other promotions. Non-designated or expired goods are forbidden.

Exchange Reminder:

  • Please follow the contents and rules listed on product pages on app or websites. If not, stores may have surcharged or refused to exchange.



  • Please read the use method and refund rules written in the「Terms of service」and「Refunds and Returns」carefully.
  • Please contact Customer Service of《Journey On》if there is any doubt.
  • Not limit to be used by guests in person only. Please keep it properly since the stores will verify the codes. (A set of code limited to use once)
  • Not to refund even though the itinerary hasn`t finished.

Use Restriction

  • No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, chewing betel nuts, or consumption of alcohol inside the Museum.
  • No photography, videotaping and sound recording are allowed inside the Museum unless authorized.
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing pets (excluding guide dogs), food, drinks, large umbrellas, long or bulky objects (anything larger than A4 size, please store at lockers) and dangerous articles into the Museum.
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