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[Strolling in Keelung] National Museum of Marine Science and Technology + Heping Island Park Special Package


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  • Location information: Keelung City
  • Sale Period: 即日起 ~ 2020-12-31 23:59
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★ The best package for visiting Keelung - National Museum of Marine Science and Technology + Heping Island Park Special Package! ★ It can be redeemed on different dates and you can you’re your schedule freely! ★ With this e-ticket, you can go on an ecological ocean tour right now!

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1.【Keelung】Heping Island Park Special Package Tickets – The Secret World‧Must-check-in place x 1

  1. National Museum of Marine Science and Technology Full ticket x 1


Package content

[Keelung is fun] Theme Museum of Ocean Technology Museum + Heping Island Park Special Package

★ The best package for visiting Keelung - National Museum of Marine Science and Technology + Heping Island Park Special Package!

★ It can be redeemed on different dates and you can you’re your schedule freely!

★ With this e-ticket, you can go on an ecological ocean tour right now!



Package 1 " Heping Island Park Special Package Full Ticket"

★ Long time waiting! It's been seven years! Excellent secret spot ★

★ Heping Island Park-Alabao Bay; Reopen. Value sale ★



Heping Island Park

Heping Island Park, located in Keelung, is a leisure resort geopark with extensive sea views and world-class landscapes within the North Coast and Guanyin Mountain National Scenic Area. The visitor center here provides travel consulting services, various restaurants and cultural and creative souvenir areas, and is equipped with showers, hair dryers, dehydrators, lockers, pet outdoor washing equipment, etc., and has a perfect barrier-free space plan for you to play More comfortable; the infinity outdoor natural seawater pool, open all year round and equipped with professional safety maintenance personnel, regardless of age, can enjoy a good and safe sea bathing time here. In addition to recreational services, we care about Taiwan ’s land and marine environment, attach great importance to environmental education and sustainable use, and look forward to experiencing the aesthetics of "Slow Pace Island Tour" here.


Radar station café

The radar station coffee converted from the old radar station is located at the highest point of Heping Island Park, along the colorful stairs, you can see the designer playing with color ideas on the exterior of the building, and you can see the camouflage elements are cleverly integrated every corner.

In the past, Heping Island Park was a military control zone. Now the army has been evacuated and the radar station has been moved elsewhere. It has been transformed into an old radar station of Café. The excellent 270-degree view allows you to overlook the endless ocean. Overlook Keelung Island, which is 3.3 kilometers away from Heping Island.

It provides exquisite afternoon tea, snacks and drinks, and has an outdoor plaza and viewing platform, and is also the photographer's private spot!

Come to the radar station Café for a cup of coffee and enjoy a leisurely afternoon!


Blue Ocean Pool

The Infinity Blue Ocean Pool is one of the most popular facilities in Heping Island Park.

Floating in the clear blue of the sea and sky, letting you go aside from urban life. There is a variety of tropical fish, bright and cute Nemo and other marine life in the clear seawater. With white clouds and blue sky, the body is surrounded by the special rocky landscape as if being on a vacation island.

Quickly set off for a relaxing journey of body, mind and soul!


Kiddle Pool

The kiddle pool with the water depth reaching only the knee is the best facility for children to get close to the seawater and the natural ecology. There are small fish swimming in the water together, and the pool is not affected by the waves. Children can safely observe marine life here.


Alabao Bay

The Alabao Bay, which has been closed for 7 years and reopened, is known as the world's secret.

Among them, the Tofu Rock Sunrise Wonder was once selected as one of the "21 Most Beautiful Sunrise Watching Spots in the World" by "Chinese Network of America", and is famous for its resorts such as the Grand Canyon National Park. In addition, there are magnificent sea erosion cliffs, sea erosion platforms, special rock shapes shaped like black kites, crocodiles, and even chiefs' faces, and Leopard Rocks that only appeared when the tide was low. All these are the scenery that only Alabao Bay can see.

(Reservation opening period 5/1 to 9/30, the actual opening time is mainly officially announced, and must apply for an appointment on the official website 14 days before)



Package 2 "Full Ticket for Theme Museum of Ocean Science and Technology Museum"

★ Eight exhibition halls, each with its own characteristics, satisfy your sensory experience ★

★ Into the ocean world, you will find more surprises ★

Theme Pavilion Introduction

The theme pavilion of the Museum of Ocean Science and Technology has eight exhibition halls. The eight exhibition halls are permanent exhibition halls including: Marine Environment Hall, Marine Science Hall, Ship and Marine Engineering Hall, Aquatic Products Hall, Marine Culture Hall, Deep Sea Image Hall, Deep Sea Exhibition Hall, Children's Hall. Each exhibition hall has its own characteristics.

By visiting each exhibition hall, you will deeply understand how the ocean is closely related to us in our daily life. The environment, climate and even the daily necessities, all have a deep connection with the ocean. If you want to "know the ocean, get close to the ocean, and sustain the ocean", the theme pavilion is definitely a must-visit place.

Use instruction

Steps to get voucher

Complete the purchase → confirm the product instructions → go to the store → click the electronic voucher → scan is completed → redeem the physical ticket

  • Hold the ticket serial number (QRcode or PIN code) to the ticket office of the Heping Island Park
  • Hold the ticket serial number (QRcode or PIN code) to the ticket office of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (It cannot be redeemed at the ticket counter of Ocean Theatre)


Store 1: Heping Island Park

  • Opening Hours of Blue Ocean Pool
    • 5/01 ~ 10 / 31-18: 00 close
    • 11/01 ~ 4 / 30 - 17: 00 close
  • Operating hours of the park
    • 5/01 ~ 10 / 31-08: 00 ~ 19: 00 (stop selling tickets at 18:00)
    • 11/01 ~ 4 / 30-08: 00 ~ 18: 00 (stop selling tickets at 17:00)
  • Address: No. 360, Pingyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Phone No. : 02-2463-5452
  • General opening hours:
    • Tuesday to Friday 11:00-17:00 (entrance closes at 16:30),
    • Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays 10:00-18:00 (entrance closes at 17:30)
  • Kiddle Pool Opening Hours
    • 5/01 ~ 10 / 31-18: 00 close
  • According to the actual situation of the park and the government or the management unit, it must be completely or partially closed when it affects the safety of tourists.
  • This discounted ticket does not include the Rock Control Zone and Alabao Bay


Store 2: National Marine Science and Technology Museum

  • Address: No. 367 Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City
  • Phone No. : 02-2469-6000
  • General opening hours:
    • 9: 00-17: 00 on weekdays (admission is until 16:00)
    • 9: 00-18: 00 on regular holidays (admission is until 17:00)
  • The museum is closed on New Year's Eve and every Monday (except national holidays and consecutive holidays). For details, please check on the website at http://www.nmmst.gov.tw/chhtml/


Heping Island Park

  • [Car Drive] National Highway No. 1-Keelung Interchange → Zhongzheng Elevated Road → Zhongzheng Road → Zhengbin Road → Heyi Road → Pingyi Road.
  • 【Parking Fee】 Weekdays: NTD 50 / time for minibus; Holidays: NTD 30 / hour for minibus
  • [Public Transportation] Take the high-speed rail to Taipei Station-transfer to Taiwan Railway to Keelung Station-transfer to Keelung City Bus (101) to Heping Island Park Station
  • [Taiwan Tourist Shuttle] T99-Donggong Treasure Hunt East Coast Line-"Heping Island Park Station"

National Marine Science and Technology Museum

  • 【Car Drive】 Zhongshan Expressway → Keelung → Zhongzheng Road → Zhengfeng Street → Xiangfeng Street → Beining Road → Naitonal Taiwan Ocean University → Bisha Fishing Port → (left after passing through Xinfeng Street) turn left at Yugang First Street → Turn right at Huangang Street Turn → Turn left at Yugang 2nd Street → National Marine Science and Technology Museum (regional parking lot).
  • 【Parking Fee】 Weekdays: NTD 20 / hour for mini buses; Holidays: NTD 50 / hour for minibuses (Maximum: NTD 250 at holiday)
  • 【Public Transportation】
    • Take the Eastern Main Line → Ruifang Station → Shenao Line (4km, 10 minutes) → to "Haikeguan Station"
    • Take the Western Route → Keelung Station → Keelung City Bus Route 103 (8 kilometers, about 25 minutes) → to "Haikeguan / Bishui Lane"
    • Take the Western Route → Qidu Station → Keelung Passenger R66 (15km, about 30 minutes) → to "Haikeguan / Bishui Lane"


Suggested itinerary

[Full-day tour] Heping Island Park Ocean Pool → Heping Island Park regular tour → Heping Island Seafood Street → National Marine Science and Technology Museum → Trunk Rock


Offer period

  • From now until December 31, 2020 (the final redemption deadline), please redeem within the business hours of the store. Once the redemption of each ticket type is completed on the same day, you cannot use it across days or in multiples.
  • Once the package is used, it cannot be refunded and must be used within 30 days. (Example: Redeem package 1 on 12/1, redeem package 2 before 12/30)
  • If the overdue account is not fully used after use, the remaining package will automatically expire and no refund will be issued.
  • The opening hours of special holidays, New Year's Eve and Spring Festival are mainly based on the official website of the store.



  • Each group of electronic vouchers can only be exchanged once, and cannot be used together with other promotional activities, and cannot be exchanged for cash and change. This voucher shall not be used for products specified on non-electronic vouchers or beyond the redemption period.
  • Each group of tickets can only be used once by one person.



  • When using an electronic voucher, please inform the service staff before checkout, and show the QRcode or PIN code on your mobile phone for verification.


Product exchange reminder

  • When using the electronic voucher, the content and specifications stated in the redemption must be met, and the actual sale of this product by the merchant is mainly based on its specifications.



  • Please refer to the "Terms of Service" and "Refund Method" for the usage and refund requirements of the electronic voucher.
  • If you have any questions about electronic voucher products, please contact the customer service.
  • This ticket is not restricted to personal. The staff will check the voucher number before you using it. A set of numbers is limited to one use, please keep it properly.
  • This ticket is an electronic ticket. Please keep it properly. If it is lost or unrecognizable, no re-issuance or refund will be made.
  • In case of typhoons, natural disasters, suspension of classes and other situations, according to the government announcement, there will be no renewal or refund.


Trust Period

The price of product (service) charged by issuer has been to deposit in the bank account.

Please check voucher expiry date. Customer can be refund during trust period only.

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