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【Rotarians Exclusive】Nostalgic Dadaocheng Half-Day Tour

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  • Location information: Taipei City
  • Sale Period: 即日起 ~ 2021-12-31 23:59
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2 Pax to go; Tour departure date: June 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

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Discover one of Taipei' s most evocative and historical-rich areas when you go on a half-day, private walking tour of Dadaocheng.



Meet Tour Guide at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Jingmao 2nd Rd., in front of “Mr. Brown Coffee”, depart at 9AM) → Dadaocheng (Dihua Street)→Yongle Fabric Market→Xiahai City God Temple→Dadaocheng Wharf → Back to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center




In late 1880s, Dadaocheng started to prosper in light of the opening of Tamsui Harbor. It has since become the keystone of economic and cultural development. In Dadaocheng, you will see extravagant Baroque architecture, traditional Hokkien bungalows and brilliant red-brick western houses. Historical buildings, traditional folklore center, tea houses, fabric stores, Chinese pharmacy and local eateries alike are rich in history. A new everyday-aesthetics derives in the vintage neighborhoods of Dadaocheng where century-old stores meet with contemporary innovation.

【Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple

Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple is not particularly large, but it is usually packed with worshippers; it has never been expanded, and has retained its original appearance for more than 100 years. The birthday of the Xia-Hai City God is celebrated on the 13th day of the fifth lunar month. On this day, devotees organize all kinds of processions and ceremonies to greet visiting deities and to express their gratitude to the City God for his divine help. This is the biggest and most boisterous temple celebration in Taipei.

【Yongle Market

The large cloth market in Yongle Market has a variety of beautiful and exquisite textile fabrics, which are dizzying, showing the vibrant vitality of folk markets. There are various designs of textiles, whether local or imported, which can always meet the needs of different consumers, and a variety of clothing peripheral parts, accessories, lace and embroidery are also available in the lanes and lanes, attracting many fashionable designs The creators of performing arts come here to hunt for treasure, and Yongle Market can always meet the various requirements of different buyers for fabrics.

【Dadaocheng ferry port

Functioning primarily now as a ferry port, in the past Dadaocheng was one of the main shipping ports for Taipei City.After Tamsui was opened as a commercial port, Dadaocheng, a pier much closer to the downtown Taipei area, began growing as foreign merchants began setting up satellite offices of their Tamsui operations, specialising in tea, cotton, and silk textile trade. This growth attracted people from all over northern Taiwan, fuelling its growth into one of Taiwan's largest cities at the time.


Use instruction

✔ NTD2M Travel reliable and NTD30,000 accident medical insurance

✔ Vehicle service

✕ Meals

✕ Consumption due to personal factors, such as drinks, alcohol, personal shopping fees, laundry fees, telephone charges, etc.


  • This tour is operated by richmond tours.
  • The guide will provide on-board service and fixed-point guided tours. After arriving at various attractions, you can visit freely
  • Due to vehicle scheduling issues, assembly time and place will be provided 1 to 2 days before departure.
  • Taking this sightseeing bus, if you fail to get on the bus or get off the bus due to personal reasons, it will be deemed as abandonment automatically, no refund or partial re-ride is allowed.
  • This itinerary can be based on the number of people on the day, festivals or weather, etc., the tour leader will adjust the order of the itinerary, and the company does not make another announcement.
  • The passenger agrees that after the order is paid for, the costs incurred in the event of cancellation or extension shall be borne by the customer.
  • In case of bad weather or irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.

Use restriction

Cancellation Policy:

  • Over 07 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Full refund of deposit minus incurred costs previously authorized by payee.
  • 04-06 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Forfeit 70% of Total Fare.
  • 00-03 Working days prior to start of scheduled tour - Forfeit 100% of Total Fare.
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