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Into the old Taipei era, Dadaocheng Historical and Cultural Half-Day Tour

Dadaocheng, located in the west of Taipei, Taiwan, is a place with a rich history, culture, and old tradition. It is named in the past for having a large paddy sun-drying field. After Tamsui Wharf was opened in the 1860s, trading in Dadaocheng's wharf, which is next to the Tamsui River, made Dadaocheng the most prosperous material distribution center in Taipei, The majority of the trade was tea and fabric. Dadaocheng's tea trade, which was led by foreign companies, not only made the market expand, but also created amazing wealth and prosperity. After that Dadaocheng gradually declined due to the dullness of the Tamsui River and gradually lost its port functionality. With the urban development, a high level of population had migrated, Dadaocheng became an old neighborhood, what is left is the old Taipei's bustling memories and endless sadness.


In Dadaocheng, you can spend half day savoring Taipei’s traditional street culture, or experiencing the life way of the old-time literati. Shuttling through the lively south of Dihua Street, there are many traditional Chinese medicine shops here. please don’t think Chinese medicine is boring! Take a closer look, you will find some interesting「traditional recipe」: medicine bath package, ancient styled sour plum soup, tea which is great for beauty and body, even spicy hot pot medicinal herbs packages!

There is also a must visit place in South Street - Xiahai City God Temple, a temple with a history of 150 years. Although it is less than 165 square meters, it is an important folk faith of Dadaocheng. In recent years, many people come to the temple to worship Yue Lao, hoping for a good marriage. It is said that Yue Lao here is quite effective. If you are single, you might as well try it!


When you come to the North of Dihua Street, you’ll find many cultural and creative shops which have been stationed here in recent years. You could pick a special souvenir and take it home! Here more traditional buildings and former residence of a wealthy literati are retained. Strolling on a relatively quiet street, as if you travel back to the prosperous old times of Dadaocheng.


At last, please come to Dadaocheng Wharf for the well-known sunset. If you love photography, you will never be disappointed. Overlooking the Tamsui River in the gorgeous sunset, you will have a perfect ending for the beautiful journey.

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